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This page was last updated on May 20, 2004.
New Update coming soon

Scroll down the page for complete listings. Extreme Video Volume 9 is Coming Soon!!! Look for a very popular superstar to be profiled.

New WWF additions are Judgment Day PPV 5/16/04, Raw 5/17/04, Smackdown 5/20/04

New Miscellaneous Selections are: NWA-TNA PPV 5/19/04, Fanatix: John Cena Word Life

ExtremeVideo Enterprises Original Tape Section
This section includes all of the ExtremeVideo Enterprises Creations.

Extreme Video Enterprises XFL Section
This section contains each XFL game broadcast from the inception of the season to the Million Dollar Game.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WWF Major Section
This section includes all of the WWF PPV's in the history of the company, and some of the USA Network specials.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WWF Television Section
This section includes large amounts of television footage from such shows as Tuesday Night Titans, Superstars, Challenge all the way through to Smackdown, Raw is War and Sunday Night Heat.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WWF Coliseum Home Video WWF Home Video Section.
This section includes various home video releases such as Wrestlefest 1988 up to Divas Desert Heat and the Fanatix Series.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WCW Pay Per View Section
This section includes large amounts of WCW PPV's such as Road Wild, Souled Out, Uncensored and more.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WCW Television Section
This section includes footage of Saturday Night from as far back as 1988 and 1995 all the way from 1988's first ever Clash of the Champions 3/27/88 through to the 36th 8/97 Clash.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises ECW Section
This section includes lots of home video releases from as far back as Ultra Clash 93 up through to Anarchy Rulz 2001. Includes TV footage and all the PPV titles.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises Foreign Section
This section includes videos from FMW, IWA, BJPW and more from Japan and AAA, CMLL, and more from Mexico.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises Interviews Section
This section includes RF Video Shoots, 1Wrestling.com Shoots, Off the Record, Gallagher, and more.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WWF/WCW Miscellaneous
This section incloudes miscellaneous WWF and WCW events, appearances, and programs.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises Independent/Miscellaneous
This section includes events and programs featuring NWA-TNA, MLW, AIPW, and more as well as miscellaneous television programs.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises MMA/Boxing
This section contains various UFC, K-1, Pride, and other Mixed Martial Arts fighting events.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises Mission Statement
This section is a mission statement written by the ExtremeVideo Enterprises webmaster on the purpose of ExtremeVideo Enterprises. It also provides a little commentary and insight into the state of the wrestling world.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WebMaster Remarks for 7/18/99
My commentary and opinions on the wrestling world on July 18, 1999 after watching ECW's HeatWave 99 PPV.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WebMaster Remarks for 8/17/99
My commentary on the idea of the "Millenium Man"

ExtremeVideo Enterprises WebMaster Remarks for 5/22/00
My commentary on the idea of sexuality and sexual content in the world of wrestling.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises  Rules and Regulations
This section contains tips and regulations concerning tape trading with ExtremeVideo Enterprises.

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