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ExtremeVideo Enterprises Webmaster Commentary for 5/22/00.

"Sexual Explicitness"

Simply because The Kat lost her top in December at WWF's Armageddon six
months ago, the fire of the critics and sourpusses in and out of
wrestling has been newly fueled undeservedly. If this had happened in the
NFL, if a player had flashed the crowd, he would probably be fined, or
suitably punished, and then everybody would forget about it and move on. It
is only due to the fact that wrestling is just so intense, energetic, and
downright accessible to everyone that it takes such a browbeating. Just
take a look at a few of the entities (former or present) that have spoken
out against sexual content in wrestling television.
Let's start with Rena Mero. The "artist" formerly known as "Sable." She
posed for Playboy twice, had won a swimsuit contest against Jackie by
appearing only with handprints on her breasts, and committed various acts that
can be deemed "sexual." In fact, before Sable came along, I don't ever
remember any semblance of sexuality ocurring on the WWF tv shows.
The WCW sure as hell didn't have anything happening, their arenas were
too dark because their crowds dwindled down to nothing. We all know you
can't see t&a in the dark. In addition, they're corporate squares. The guy
in charge takes orders from another guy in charge, all the way down the
Luna Vachon. Clearly a nonfactor in terms of sexual appeal.
Sunny. Didn't last long enough in the Sable era to be considered sexual
factor. Would probably have been a factor if she was there.
Jackie. Almost hand in hand in terms of responsibility with Sable but
to a slightly lesser degree because whatever the contest, she always lost.
There is a new age of women in the WWF: Ivory, The Kat, Tori, Terri,
and Trish Stratus that wear revealing clothing on the company website.
Their clothing is no different from what one may encounter on a Florida,
California or Caribbean beach. Those who are bitter are probably not as
visually appealing as these above-mentioned ladies. If you're not seeing
this kind of action on your beach, get down to Florida or the Caribbean
right now!
All in all, Sable, in reference to a fan asking her whether young
viewers should watch wrestling, says in a Slam! Wrestling interview
that "Let's just say that you have to make the choice for your family as to
whether it's appropriate or not." But let's not forget that this is the
woman whose every third word out of her mouth is a personal pronoun such
as "I," "me," or "mine." I think she said the word mine more times in her
three year flash-in-the-pan career than George "The Animal" Steele ever did
in his entire thirty-year-plus career. It is entirely credible to Sable
that wrestling's sexual content and sexuality inside wrestling television
had climbed to the level that it now. This is not to say that it has "gone
too far." I don't think that it has. Sexual content on Baywatch, a PG-rated
show is just about the same as the WWF television. Sable was the causal
factor to whatever degree of sexual content in the wrestling world you'd
like to call it. It's a shame that she's bitter about it because her
potential was through the roof. The pretty faces always get the top spot.
It's a shame that WCW doesn't do something with their female roster. Miss
Hancock is quite the eye candy