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Who is the Millenium Man???

The idea of the millenium man wrestler has been tossed around heavily for the past few months, most noticeable with Chris Jericho's WWF debut featuring a millenium clock. It appears to me that this "millenium man" must have super-hero characteristics. Keep that word characteristics in the back of your head for now; I'll mention that word again in a minute. This "millenium man" would be the wrestling world's equivalent of Superman, whereas the ordinary face in the crowd playing that character would be the answer to Clark Kent.

The World Wrestling Federation has pretty much given the title of "millenium man" to Chris Jericho. As a fan, I like Chris Jericho's work. I think he has a lot of talent and he is a great wrestler. As a man, I respect him. He is a stand-up guy with a great business mind. The only thing in this situation that I don't personally agree with is the idea of Jericho having a "millenium man" character, and that is for a lot of reasons. Right off the bat, Jericho has enough talent that he doesn't need a gimmick that's gonna fade away less than six months from now when the year 2000 isn't cool anymore. Also, he just entered the company a month ago and just made his first appearance last week; he hasn't even wrestled a match yet. I say let him build up a reputation and then give him upper-card status. Let him show off in the ring, let his wrestling do the talking. Politics are almost inescapable; that comes as no shock. I see what the WWF decision makers are doing in this situation by pairing Jericho and the Rock. It's the same as they did when Paul Wight entered the picture on Raw the day after WrestleMania 15. It's a loud and clear message to all the WCW wrestlers that are contemplating their futures with that organization: Come to the WWF and you will be elevated immediately. Be real about this, Jericho was never going to be in a main event of a Nitro or a PPV. The backstage politics were too thick to keep his head above the surface, which is a pretty good reason to change companies. Jericho vs. Hogan, Savage, DDP, etc. couldn't draw 15 cents in chinese money (I borrowed that from the Tod Gordon shoot). Jericho vs. Rock, Austin, Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, HHH, and all of the non main-event status wrestlers for that matter too, are ideas that really put asses in seats.

But when there are characteristics in characters, there are also character flaws. Jericho's only character flaw is that he is a very respectable, honest man. That is going to get him nowhere in the business of cutthroats, cheats, flim-flammers and thiefs. Jericho needs to put some of the heel aggression into his business dealings and be assured that he will not end up in Maine wrestling for pennies a month like Tony Atlas. That would be as tragic as the fluttering of Atlas' career, even if his prime is years in the past.