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ExtremeVideo Rules and Regulations:
Please read and review these rules and regulations before commencing a trade with ExtremeVideo Enterprises.
Only engage in a trade if you intend to fulfill your particular task in the trade. Please do not "rip-off" ExtremeVideo Enterprises; your name will be publicly and prominently published on a "Bad Trader" web page.

Tapes are subject to availability. From time to time, tapes are worn out due to old age or misplaced due to human error. The extensive list of tapes that is on this website is true to the best of this webmasters knowledge but sometimes human errors do occur and a tape that is listed on this site is not physically in my collection. This case is extremely rare but does happen sometimes.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises reserves the right to refuse any offer. At certain points in time, an offer may not be worth the time and effort to ExtremeVideo Enterprises and, as such, a trade might not ensue and ExtremeVideo reserves the right to make such a judgement. ExtremeVideo Enterprises will not abandon any trade that has been agreed once a shipment fo tapes is received. It is, however, a possibility that a trade may be for something other than a wrestling event. This decision is left to the discretion of ExtremeVideo Enterprises only.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises will not be held responsible for any damages ensuing as a result of a tape produced from the ExtremeVideo home office, or any other office of ExtremeVideo Enterprises, or any other third-party organization of any kind colluding with ExtremeVideo Enterprises. There is always the potential for the postal service to employ the use of an x-ray machine to scan packages for contraband traveling through their system, particularly such since September 11th. It is common knowledge that videos subject to x-ray treatment do not perform to the standards that a non-treated video would, and as such, the fault does not lie with ExtremeVideo Enterprises.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises assures satisfaction relating to any and all acquirings from said organization but reserves the right to not respond to dissatisfactory complaints and/or pursuits. It is left to the judgement of the webmaster to deem this harassment when necessary and refuse to honor a complaint or pursuit relating to dissatisfaction. Such a deeming does not occur with every dissatisfaction complaint and/or pursuit but there is the potential for such a judgement to occur. It is common knowledge that mendacity is a commponplace occurence in any walk of life and it is no different in the video realm. ExtremeVideo Enterprises also reserves the right to replace a defective video when deemed appropriate by ExtremeVideo Entperises. Such a decision is left to the judgement of ExtremeVideo Enterprises. ExtremeVideo Enterprises reserves the right to respond in a timely manner.
ExtremeVideo Enterprises reserves the right to employ its own choice of recording materials. Special requests, although not guaranteed, may be granted, if such a request can be ascertained and carried out. Special Requests for recording materials include, but are not limited to: special choice of videotape brand, special length of any video, and special arrangement of any event on any video, among others. A special request for any certain type of Video Cassette Recorder to be employed in the concern of wrestling, or other, events cannot and will not be granted. It in is the opinion of ExtremeVideo Enterprises that such organization tries to ensure customer satisfaction but in the event that such satisfaction is not obtained, ExtremeVideo Enterprises deem such a result to be unfortunate and reserves the right to remedy or to refuse to remedy such a situation on an individual case basis.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises reserves the right to employ certain rules and regulations in their dealings with all customers. ExtremeVideo Enterprises also reserves the right to change, transfer, modify, alternate, delete, or refuse such rules. Such rules and regulations can only be deemed Gentlemen's Agreements. Said rules include, but are not limited to: date of transfer. It is the opinion of ExtremeVideo Enterprises that a transfer of video materials should be on an agreed upon date. The date is to be agreed upon by both parties, ExtremeVideo Enterprises and the individual customer. It is also in the opinion of ExtremeVideo Enterprises that the amount of the transfer, which shall never be monetary in any capacity, should be equal in every amount. The amount of events may sometimes vary on a case basis so the judging that the amount of events should be equal will be deemed unacceptable by ExtremeVideo Enterprises and abandoned completely. The reason for such a decision is that the length of events differs between every event and to ensure equilibrium in all transfers, equality between time amounts on every video will be required.

ExtremeVideo Enterprises reserves the right to refuse an acceptance of any monetary amount for services. ExtremeVideo Enterprises is a not-for-profit organization that deals in the even exchange of various events; at no time ever does/did ExtremeVideo Enterprises ever produce a profit for any services rendered at all, at any point in time. ExtremeVideo Enterprises believes itself to be uphoilding the friendly spirit of human nature in the even exchange of video materials. It does not deem the monetary value of such materials, which would be decreed by other party/ies not including ExtremeVideo Enterprises, to be of worth, or the reception of such materials to be considered as monetary profit. A case that illustrates this acceptance of fact is: In the event of a package being lost, misplaced, mishandled, altered, or otherwise handled in any way in the postal service system or at any point in time in the travel from customer to the point in time when ExtremeVideo Enterprises receives such package, ExtremeVideo Enterprises deems such material to be worthless, and as such cannot proclaim any monetary value whatsoever. Also, the cost of the materials is judged to be equal on both parties of such a transfer, and therefore since an equilibrium is reached, a profit is not. The monetary cost of any materials is, in the opinion of ExtremeVideo Enterprises, accepted as a cost of such exchange and as such, is not, and never shall be, offered to ExtremeVideo Enterprises in the hope of any form of payment whatsoever. ExtremeVideo Enterprises promies never to present any party with any receipt in the hope or expectance of payment whatsoever.

These rules and regulations are considered to be Gentlemen's Agreements and are in place at the time of any party contacting ExtremeVideo Enterprises in the hope or expectance of any transfer of any kind at any point in time. These rules were written on Monday, May 22, 2000 and shall be in effect on May 22, 2000 in perpetuity. ExtremeVideo Enterprises reserves the right to modify in any way, and at any point in time, any rule written heretofore. For the purposes of understanding the hitherto rules and regulations, the word "transfer" is meant to describe any exchange of video materials of any kind, with content of any kind between ExtremeVideo Enterprises and any customer. This is sometimes referred to as a "trade." Such a deeming is considered acceptable by ExtremeVideo Enterprises. The word "customer" is considered by ExtremeVideo Enterprises to be a suitable noun for use in these aforementioned rules and regulations, even though it has been in use since the 15th century and has been accepted to be interpretive of a person paying for a service. It is to the best of ExtremeVideo Enterprises knowledge that the term payment is not described in any detail in any dictionary, or other acceptable written text of any kind, and can be interpreted to be inclusive of the time consummation regarding the nature of any video transfer, or other non-monetary services, occurences, or payments. The term "Gentlemen's Agreement/s" is used with the awareness of the meaning of such term, which is an agreement solely upheld by the honor of both parties, including ExtremeVideo Enterprises and any customer.

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